Book Chapters

Advances in Design Methods from Modeling Languages for Embedded Systems and SoC's
D. Borrione (eds.)

L.G. Murillo, M. Mura, M. Prevostini
MDE Support for HW/SW Codesign: a UML-based Design Flow - Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 2010, pp 19-37
(PDF) in collaboration with ALaRI

UML for SOC Design
G. Martin and W. Müller (eds.)

A.S. Basu, M. Lajolo, M. Prevostini
A Methodology for Bridging the Gap between UML and Codesign 
Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 2005, pp 119-146 (PDF)
in collaboration with ALaRI and NEC Laboratories America 

Languages for System Specification
C. Grimm (ed.)

M. Prevostini, F. Balzarini, A. N. Kostadinov, S. Mankan, A. Martinola, A. Minosi - UML-based Specifications of an Embedded System Oriented to HW/SW Partitioning -  Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston / Dordrecht / London, 2004, pp 71-84 (PDF)
in collaboration with ALaRI